Our materials are high quality, selected from the best, and our techniques making no concessions to get the best string possible. Stainless steel, sophisticated manufacturing process, accurate and regular monitoring during all stages, is used to produce the daily Metal strings the most performance in the world.

For 12 years, we only manufacture ropes to the Metal. For this reason well we master the subject, more than any other manufacturer. All our efforts are totally and completely focused on the Metal for you provide the best kind of rope.

We were the first to propose specific and extreme tie for the “Drop” and other very special tunings specific to Metal music and its derivatives. we initiator were also games for 7 and 8 string guitars. Our cords meet the instrument while providing outstanding sound quality. Because it’s our job, all.

SKULL STRINGS does not disperse in a variety of ranges or trends. This is the why Skull Strings strings are chosen by the greatest guitarists and Metal bassists.