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Because the string is the first vibrating element,

Because the sound can’t be dissociated from each of its elements, it was only natural to pay special attention to the strings. “

SKULL STRINGS is the brand name of the TOLITO Compagny (1993), created in 2004 and entirely dedicated to Metal and Extreme Music.

Its creator, Carlos Pavicich, a former professional bass player, has always taken great care of his sound.

In the 90’s, as the owner of several music stores, he was largely confronted with the problems of artists looking for string sets really adapted to their needs, problems that he had also been facing for a long time.

Far from letting his music be dictated by standardized sets of strings and as a man of solutions, the SKULL STRINGS idea was born. And after about ten years of research and tests, the first SKULL STRINGS range, the DROP Line, was released. The others followed.

Forerunners in the Drop, Low Tuning and specific and extreme gauges, we are also the specialists of custom gauges. Our work does not only consist in winding strings of very high quality, but more importantly in finding solutions adapted to the ever more specific needs of musicians. Our work consists in relieving the musician’s mind of the worries due to technical constraints.

“The best string? The one that corresponds to the choices, needs and tastes of the artist.

The string being the first element in contact with their fingers, and in fact, the first vehicle between their creativity and the real world,

the best string is the one that allows them to forget that they are touching a string.”