III. Cores & wrap wires

III. Cores & wrap wire


 There are two types of core for guitar and bass strings. The long-used round core and the hexagonal core. While the round core is integral with the wrap wire, the latter rests on the 6 edges of the hexagonal core for better cohesion and a distinctive sound. By comparison, a recurring problem with round cores is the slippage (accordioning) of the wrap wire over time. That’s why SKULL STRINGS only offers carefully spun strings on hexagonal cores…

… and why not something new very soon? Stay tuned!


 As for the wrap wire, it’s round at SKULL STRINGS ! Although more textured than a flat wound, the round one has a more massive sound and a strong presence, especially in the high frequencies, for greater impact and sustain ! It provides good attack and better definition. With its stainless steel, it’s all the grain of your SKULL STRINGS.